A multi-talent in recycling metals

A multi-talent in recycling metals

Professional and reliable metal collection in Rovaniemi

Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy is a family-run business, long-established in the scrap industry. Our main line of work is the collecting and recycling of metals and scrap business, in addition to which we provide our corporate and private customers Northern Finland’s widest range of iron, steel and aluminum.

The collecting and handling of scrap metal takes place at Suopellontie and we sell iron at Pappilantie.

Christmas opening hours;

Suopellontie scrap office

Closed 23.12.2019 - 6.1.2020

Pappilantie metal store

Open 23.12.2019  8:00-16:00

Closed 24.12 -29.12.2019

Open 30.12.2019  8:00-17:00

Open 31.12.2019  8:00-12:00

Closed 1.1.2020

Open 2.1.-3.1.2020  8:00-17:00

Closed 6.1.2020

Our comprehensive product range includes:

  • Metals, e.g. iron, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Plywood panels
  • Trailer supplies
  • Harris oxy-fuel cutting supplies
  • Lifting and handling equipment

Versatile metal collecting and recycling services for all scrap

Metal and scrap collection is easy and reliable with Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy. Our company has an extremely comprehensive service offering, which includes:

In short: if you have scrap metal, bring it to Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy and we’ll take care of the rest! We are located in Rovaniemi and metal collection takes place at our Suopellontie post.

Be sure to check VAT matters concerning metal collection and purchasing affairs!

The scrap business has belonged under the reverse VAT payment obligation since the beginning of 2015. Reform of the law does not affect scrap trade with the private individual, but we ask that companies and business people acquaint themselves with the Tax Administration’s instructions on the matter.

If you have any additional questions about metal collection, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about our services and the largest shop selection in Northern Finland.

Read our e-brochure here!

Read our e-brochure here!

Air Liquide licensing bottles

No more bottle rentals - you only pay for what you use!
5-liter licensing bottle 231,26€ 
11-liter licensing bottle 349€

Product description Gas Bottle size
ALbee Weld ArMix (argon mixture) Ar/CO2 5 liters and 11 liters
ALbee Weld Ar (argon) Ar 5 liters and 11 liters
ALbee Flame Ace (acetylene) C2H2 5 liters and 9,6 liters
ALbee Flame O2 (oxygen) O2 5 liters and 11 liters
ALbee Cool (nitrogen) N2  5 liters and 11 liters