Scrap metal prices – Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy’s purchasing rates

Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy purchases scrap metal from private and corporate customers. Our purchasing post is in Rovaniemi on Suopellontie.

The scrap metal prices below are for metals purified and delivered to our posts. The minimum deliverable batch for iron, sheet metal and mixed sheet metal is 1 ton (1 000 kg). The rebate price is reduced by 50% for smaller batches.

We refund all scrap credit of over 500 € to the customer’s account in accordance with 14-day payment terms. If the customer wishes to have their refund sooner, we will reduce the rebate price by 5%.

We reserve the right to change prices.

Scrap metal prices November 2020 – our purchasing rates (VAT 0 %)

Copper A 4,00€/kg
Copper B 3,50€/kg
Aluminum sheeting / molding 0,35€/kg
Aluminum profile / wire 0,70€/kg
Brass 2,30€/kg
Aluminum wheels 0,35€/kg
Aluminum / copper honeycombs 1,30€/kg
Stainless steel 0,65€/kg
Underground cable 0,90€/kg
Aluminum cable 0,40€/kg
Lead 0,50€/kg
Tire weights (lead weights) 0,20€/kg
Electric motors 0,30€/kg
Radiators brass/copper 1,50€/kg
Cuttable iron E1 105€/tn
Pure sheet metal 130€/tn
Mixed sheet metal 50€/tn
Dried cars 40€/tn
Scrap cars 20€/tn
Scrap batteries 400€/tn
Catalytic converter (original and inside whole) example price 10€-100€/pcs

Scrap metal prices change periodically – please contact us for more information!

Please remember that the scrap industry now falls under the reverse VAT payment obligation. In practice, this means that we no longer refund the value added tax (rate 24%) when purchasing scrap from companies. Respectively, the seller, who is VAT liable, no longer pays the VAT themself; we deliver the VAT from the scrap purchase directly to the tax authorities. However, the seller must also take this into account in their accounting!

The prices of scrap metal listed above are not fixed, seeing as the value of certain metals varies irregularly. Contact us and we will happily discuss the topic in further detail.

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