Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy’s scrap purchasing terms and conditions

1. The purchasing prices listed apply only to already refined metals. If a delivered batch includes other metals and it is up to us to separate/clean the scraps, we will subtract these costs from the refund sum for each individual batch.

2. We will refund all scrap refunds over 500 € to your bank account; only refunds under 500 € can be given out in cash to private customers. Corporate customers will always be refunded by bank transfer.

3. We adhere to 14-day payment terms when refunding customers. If the customer wishes to have their refund sooner, we will reduce the rebate price by 5% to cover separate billing costs.

4. The purchasing prices listed only apply to scrap brought over by the customer. Due to pick-up costs, we cannot refund the prices in question when we pick up scrap from the location declared by the customer. The possible refund amount depends on the quality, quantity and pick-up location of the scraps.

Please take note of the above when selling your scraps to us. Welcome!