Bring your scrap metal to us – we are located in Rovaniemi

Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy accepts all kinds of scrap metal. Our scrap metal reception and handling post is located at Suopellontie in Rovaniemi.

In addition to scrap metal we also accept WEEE scrap. We can pick up material in the whole of Northern Finland. We sort the scrap and deliver different types of materials to the right places. When necessary, we store metals in our three warehouses, all of whose environmental permits are in order.

Scrap metal reception, handling and further processing

Scrap metal is handled, cut and baled, then delivered to the steel industry as raw material. We have also supplied metal abroad, e.g. aluminum cable to Asia.

All incoming scrap metal is analyzed for radiation content and possible sources of radiation are identified. This way we manage to sort possibly contaminated and dangerous scrap separately and dispose of it or store it in the manner prescribed by law.

Contact us and find out more! Below you can see how handily scrap metal is collected and handled by Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy.