Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy buys scrap metal and does demolition work in Rovaniemi and around Northern Finland

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Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy buys and handles junk cars and scrap metal professionally. We also carry out the demolition of industrial buildings, houses and various machinery and equipment.

Junk cars in a scrap yard

Junk cars

We pick up junk cars free of charge all around Northern Finland! We handle the cars according to the regulatory requirements: we safely salvage tyres, batteries and liquids.

Demolition of a building

Demolition work

Our expertise is the demolition of challenging industrial buildings. We also professionally carry out the demolition of water plants, electric fields, transformers and various machinery and equipment.

Pile of scrap metal

Scrap metal

We accept all kinds of scrap metal and, for example, e-waste. We pick up waste across Northern Finland. We sort the waste and deliver it to the correct locations.

Pile of metal structures

Prices and terms

Our purchase price list breaks down the prices of different types of refined scrap metal that is cleaned and delivered to us. The price of scrap collected from the customer depends on the quality, quantity and pick-up location.

We buy old metal

Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy buys all kinds of used metal from junk cars to copper, aluminium and other scrap metal. You can bring your scrap metal to us in Rovaniemi or order an effortless pick-up. For example, we always pay you the most reasonable price for copper and aluminium. We handle scrap metal professionally, by the regulations and forward the material sorted for reuse in the steel industry, for example. We have also delivered metal abroad, such as aluminium cable to Asia.

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Demolitions for all kinds of sites

We specialize in the demolition of challenging industrial buildings and implement them either as a partial or complete demolition according to your needs. We also provide you with demolition work for hydropower plants, electric fields, transformers, various machines and equipment, as well as houses. You can also ask us about the asbestos demolition work that we provide with the help of a subcontractor.


We carry out demolition work from start to finish, which means that in addition to the actual demolition, we also take care of the transport and treatment of demolition waste following all regulations.

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Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy operates in Rovaniemi in accordance with regulations.

Our headquarters and recycling points serve you in Rovaniemi. Bring your scrap metal to Suopellontie or ask for a pick-up!

Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy

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