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Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy buys aluminium from private and corporate customers. The price of aluminium is high right now, and we can pay you accordingly. The market price of aluminium is influenced by many factors, but you will get the highest possible price when you bring it to us here in Suopellontie, Rovaniemi. We buy aluminium and other metals throughout Lapland. For a price, we can also pick up your scrap metal anywhere in Northern Finland.

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Selling aluminium can currently be very profitable, as Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy offers a great price for it. Have a look at our prices here. The price per kilo of aluminium depends on the global market situation, but we will always pay you a reasonable price. Don’t leave your scrap metal lying around. Bring it to us and make a profit as soon as possible. Contact us to get the accurate daily price as it does fluctuate!

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Aluminium purchase terms – easy trading!

We strive to pay the best possible price for aluminium to our customers. Aluminium purchase prices are determined by the market. The price will also be affected by the purity and cleanliness of the batch. If the batch contains any other materials, we will deduct the purifying costs. We also deduct the costs of any potential pick-ups. The listed prices only apply to metal delivered to us. Read more about our reasonable terms.

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Don’t hoard your aluminium! Contact Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy and ask about the current price of aluminium. We also buy other scrap metals and e-waste such as copper, sheet metal, brass, aluminium wheels, junk cars and battery scrap batteries brought to us. If you have any of these lying around you should bring them to Suopellontie in Rovaniemi.

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