Scrap metal prices and terms

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Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy buys scrap metal from private and corporate customers. We are located in Rovaniemi on Suopellontie. The prices listed below apply to refined metals delivered to our centre. For iron and sheet metal, the minimum amount is 1 tn (1 000 kg). For smaller batches, we deduct 50 % of the price. We pay all credits of over 500 € to the customer's account and follow the 14-day payment policy. If a customer wants payment in their account faster, we deduct 5 % of the price. We reserve the right to price changes.

Prices for scrap metal delivered to us!

Prices of scrap metal in May 2024 (VAT 0%) - Prices are subject to change without notice during the month

Scrap metal prices

  • Copper A1

    6,30 €/kg

  • Copper B

    5,60 €/kg

  • Aluminium sheet metal

    0,77 €/kg

  • Aluminium profile

    1,10 €/kg

  • Brass

    3,50 €/kg

  • Aluminum wheels

    1,00 €/kg

  • Aluminium/Copper cells

    2,50 €/kg

  • Stainless steel

    0,80 €/kg

  • Copper cable

    2,00 €/kg

    Copper cable

  • Aluminum cable

    0,75 €/kg

  • Lead

    0,50 €/kg

  • Tire weights

    0,20 €/kg

  • Electric engines

    0,50 €/kg

  • Radiators Mes/Cu

    3,00 €/kg

  • Cuttable iron E1

    180,00 €/tn

  • Refined sheet metal

    200,00 €/tn

  • Mixed metal

    130,00 €/tn

  • Cars, dried (entire)

    120,00 €/tn

    Price is available only for scrap cars with engines

  • Scrap cars, (entire)

    90,00 €/tn

    Price is available only for scrap cars with engines

  • Battery scrap

    500,00 €/tn

  • Catalysts (intact, original, example price)

    10,00 – 200,00 €/kpl

The price of scrap metal varies – please contact us and we will tell you more!

Please remember that reverse VAT is applied in the scrap metal sector. In practice, this means that when buying scrap from companies, we no longer refund VAT (24 %). Similarly, the company that is selling and liable for VAT no longer pays VAT. Instead, we handle the VAT from the transaction directly to the tax authorities. Nonetheless, the selling party must this into consideration in their accounting!


The prices and purchase information for scrap metal listed on this page are not fixed, as the value of certain metals varies. 


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Terms of purchase of scrap by Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy

  • The listed prices only apply to already refined metals. If there are other metals in the delivered batch and we have to separate/clean up the scrap, we will deduct the costs from the credit amount.

  • The listed prices only apply to the scraps that the customer brings in. Due to the cost of pick-up, we cannot refund the prices when we pick up the scrap at the customer’s location. Any amount of compensation depends on the quality, quantity and pick-up location of the scrap.

  • We compensate all scrap credits over 500 € to your account. Credit less than 500 € will be paid in cash to private customers. For corporate customers, the payment is always made by bank transfer.

  • We abide by the 14-day payment term when paying by bank transfer. If a customer wants payment to their account faster, we deduct 5 % of the credit amount to cover the billing costs.

Please note the practices listed above when selling scrap metal to us!