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Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy buys all kinds of scrap metal. Our processing centre is located in Suopellontie, Rovaniemi. In addition to scrap metal, we also accept electronic waste. We can pick up waste from all over Northern Finland. We sort the waste and deliver different types of materials to the right places. When necessary, we can store metal in our storage points, with proper environmental permits.

Receiving, handling and processing scrap metal

We process, cut and deliver scrap metal as raw material for the steel industry. We have also delivered metals abroad, such as aluminium cable to Asia.


All of the metal dust is passed through the radiation gates first. The gate analyzes the amount of radiation in the batch and identifies possible sources. This will allow us to sort potentially contaminated and hazardous waste and dispose of or preserve it as prescribed by law, and it will not end up in recycling.


Contact us and ask for more information! Below you can also see how the metal waste is collected and processed in our own premises.

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