Copper prices are soaring

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Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy offers great prices for copper right now. We buy copper from both private and corporate customers – so clean up your yard! A lot of companies are currently taking advantage of the high prices of copper. 


The price of copper depends on many factors, but you can get the best price when you bring the copper to us here in Suopellontie, Rovaniemi. We buy copper and other metals all across Lapland. Welcome!

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Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy buys copper at a high price at the moment. Have a look at our prices hereand read about the impact of reverse VAT on the scrap industry. Please note that the listed prices only apply to refined and cleaned copper batches.


Don't leave your leftover copper lying around – inquire about the price for the day. Copper prices are soaring!

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Copper purchase terms – reliable trading

Copper prices are determined by the market, and we always pay the best possible price for it. The price depends also on the purity of the metal. If there are other materials in the batch besides copper, purifying costs will be deducted from the final price. The cost of pick-up also affects the offer. The listed prices apply only to batches delivered to us. Learn more about our sensible terms.

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The price of the scrap copper is good for the moment. It is influenced by the conditions of global markets, the cleanliness of the batch and the delivery method, but we always give you a fair price. Contact us and ask for the current price.

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