We take care of your junk cars in Rovaniemi

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Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy picks up your junk cars conveniently and professionally. Our company is based in Rovaniemi, and the actual handling centre is located at Suopellontie. We pick up junk cars free of charge throughout Northern Finland! We will also create appropriate certificates and inform the authorities.

Check out the video!

In the video below you can see how well we operate! We would be happy to tell you more about our services if you have any questions.

In addition to junk cars, our pick-up service also handles other scrap metal

Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy also picks up all kinds of scrap metal. We do pick-ups all across Northern Finland, and if the pick-up is not urgent, it will also be done free of charge. When contacting us, remember to also tell us what kind of scrap is it and where it came from (e.g. from a machine or a container used for agriculture). Our work is also made easier when you tell us how much waste there is (armful, trailer, truck).


Junk cars and other scrap metal are handled by the official requirements. For example, tyres, batteries and liquids are safely salvaged. You can contact our pick-up team using the form below.